Manage your natural capital

Manage your natural capital

Outfield is providing farm management maps to farms and estates across the UK. With data that is accurate and up-to-date, our maps integrate with your existing farm management systems to give you:

  • Hedgerows and field boundaries
  • Precise net-farmed/cropped areas
  • Measures of pollinator strips or EFAs
  • Assessments of woodland areas
  • Roads, tracks and waterways
Outfield survey services

Outfield survey services

For one large estate in East Anglia, Outfield surveys have saved months of man-hours that would have been spent gathering data on foot.

Using drones, Outfield measured field margins, crop boundaries, individual trees and provided data for rural payment forms and environmental management. The estate was able to create new, up-to-date maps of the farm, tackle field margin encroachments, use land more efficiently and much much more.

If you want to see what an Outfield survey could do for your farm, get in touch.

Drones in crop trials

Drones in crop trials

Outfield provides crop trial drone surveys for some of the UK’s leading crop research bodies. With experience in arable, soft fruit and orchard trials, Outfield will help you get the most of of your trial.

Outfield provides crop trial surveys to:

  • Count plants
  • Measure crop establishment
  • Assess leaf nitrogen content
  • Map chlorophyll

Outfield can also help you analyse your own drone imagery or create stunning visual reports from your data.

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