About Outfield

About Outfield

Outfield provides aerial imagery data for the agriculture industry. Based in Cambridge, UK, our startup company uses small unmanned drone aircraft to gather high resolution data at affordable prices for farmers, agronomists and researchers. Just a few applications for Outfield data are:

  • CSS/ELS/HLS compliance
  • Planning permission applications
  • Land usage and estate management diagnostics
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Crop health mapping
Survey Services

Survey Services

Outfield surveys combine tens or hundreds of images from multiple flights to create large, high resolution othomosaic images. Our services are currently being used on farms across East Anglia, and can be readily put to use across the UK. From an Outfield survey you will get:

  • High accuracy – resolutions of 4cm or lower are available
  • Geo-referenced – the data is GPS tagged and is ready for use with your chosen GIS or precision farming package
  • Large area – we can survey up to 100 hectares per day
  • Reliable measurements – surveys are repeatable, traceable and auditable
  • Thorough analysis – areas, distances and topography can all be accurately measured and reported
  • Rapid turnaround – survey data is ready in days, depending on size and scope
Development and Research

Development and Research

We are constantly developing new products and services that push the envelope of remote sensing technology. We pride ourselves on a full understanding our hardware and software from the ground up, and this is true across our full range of drones and post processing packages.
Outfield is currently working with research bodies, local farmers and consultancies to develop new applications for this exciting technology.
Our current development projects include:

  • 3D imaging – high accuracy, low cost 3D images for use in volumetric analysis, building and structure surveys and precise crop size estimates
  • Forestry health – exploring ways to efficiently survey woodland areas for disease
  • Automated fruit counting – systems for counting fruit to improve yield estimates

We’re always eager to discuss our current projects and it’s future applications when possible, however please note that some data and details can be confidential due to the nature of this work.

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